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Am I pregnant?  When this is your question, you need answers you can trust.  At New Day Women’s Clinic, we are here for you. You get all the FREE services and support you need on your journey. We provide a place for you to receive compassionate medical and wrap around care as you consider your pregnancy options.   You deserve the opportunity to make the best decision for your unique situation.  Be confident that you are fully informed, because fear should never be your decision maker.

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Ultrasound is used at our clinic to confirm your pregnancy. We are able to determine the gestational age (how far along you are), fetal cardiac activity (heartbeat-to determine viability), and the location of the pregnancy (to ensure it is not ectopic-a life threatening emergency). This information is vital to determining your options and making a fully informed decision.

STI (STD) Testing and Treatment

If you engage in any sort of sexual contact, you run the risk of having or contracting an STI (also known as an STD). To be on the safe side, you should get tested, especially if you think there’s a possibility you are pregnant. We will provide education on how these STIs are spread and the common symptoms that might indicate the presence of a sexually transmitted disease as well as treat active infections (chlamydia and gonorrhea).

Abortion Information

Getting the medically accurate information you need to address your situation is important. An ultrasound is almost always required before an abortion. Get yours at no cost to you, then be fully informed about your options. Our licensed medical professionals will provide answers to your questions and address your individual concerns.

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