Information On Parenting

A lot of women want to be parents at some point in their lives. Although the timing and your current situation might not align with what you envisioned, your current pregnancy still gives you the opportunity to experience the joys of parenting. Caring for a new child is a massive responsibility, and at the same time can be one of the most rewarding challenges you will ever undertake. We can help you understand and evaluate your options to give you an understanding if parenting is right for you.

Things to Consider

Deciding to become a parent is a life-altering decision for any individual. This decision will undoubtedly change your life. While this might be a scary thought, that does not mean it would be the wrong choice. You have the chance to be a loving and excellent parent. You probably have questions, such as:

  • Can I support my child financially?
  • Will the father be able to help?
  • Am I emotionally prepared for this?
  • Who can help support me and my child?
  • Will I be able to continue my education or career?

These question and others are all important. We can discuss all your concerns with you at New Day Women’s Clinic. We will go over all your questions and provide you with the information you need to make your decision.

Support for Parents

Thinking about becoming a parent is intimidating to anyone. Even women who planned to become pregnant still go through a certain level of anxiety and uncertainty. During the most difficult moments, keep in mind that you are not alone.

Here are New Day Women’s Clinic, we believe that every parent should be supported. We offer an extensive educational curriculum designed to equip you on your journey. We also offer community referrals to partner agencies that can assist in providing support for the unknowns that lay ahead.

You are not in this by yourself; we have a team of dedicated staff and volunteers ready to empower, enrich, and equip you and your family. Schedule an appointment today to begin developing your personalized plan to fit your situation.